Media Relations and more...

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If your nonprofit just received a prestigious grant that you want the world to know about...

  • You need to find participants to make the study successful

  • If done well, this grant may lead to more grants and your organization will be better positioned in your field
  • You need to get to the right audience with the right message


If you own a small or a mid-sized company that has developed a new product, which will help millions of people better their lives, if they only know about it...

  • You need to get the word out to those who can use the item and to those who can recommend it to others
  • You need to know who you need to reach, what to say and how best to say it  


That's where we come in!

We create the BUZZ…   BUZZ...  BUZZ...  BUZZ...  BUZZ...

A BUZZ that doesn’t slow or go, but stays and grows 



We partner with you to identify your goals, find your story,

create your message and get it out to your target audience. 

 At Suzi Neft Promotes, we approach each project individually.  We recognize it’s like a fingerprint, no two stories are the same.  We find the meat of your story and collaborate with media to pique their interest so they ask for more.  They’re looking for what’s hot and new -- that’s what we give them.  They support us because we have something real to offer and we support them with information that grabs their readers, listeners and viewers.  We make them look good and they make us look good. 

We use a variety of promotional strategies to get your story across.  Those strategies may include press releases, magazine articles or on-camera interviews.  We might add emphasis to a web site, build a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or other appropriate sites; or we may develop an event or press conference around you.  It all depends on the best way to reach your target audience.  Putting your story in front of the right people at the right time is the right way to promote you.  That’s what we do. 

Let’s see how we might work together.  We find a place to talk where we can be relaxed, where we can focus on you, your goals and objectives.  What your company is about, what you believe, where we come in.  We firmly believe that a good relationship and shared communications are at the heart of every successful project.  The success will depend on our mutual collaboration as a team.  We invite you to take a look at our site and see if we’re right for each other.

If you have a commitment to society, are interested in helping people and animals and make a difference we want to talk with you.