About Suzi Neft

Professional Background

Prose for projects, serious...flippant...reliable... I'll pull in your stakeholders and keep them interested. 

In my long and enjoyable career, I’ve had fun meeting people and building relationships by telling stories. Every person and every project has a story to tell and I find that true story by having a conversation and being a good listener. 

Do you enjoy reading a good story? Listening to a good storyteller?

I’ve told the stories of some great organizations. I’ve also told the stories of others through some great organizations. Here are some of the organizations with which I’ve worked:


  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • ESPN
  • HGTV
  • Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Jewish Association on Aging
  • Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
  • PBS
  • Pittsburgh City Council
  • Pittsburgh Press Club
  • Reliance Training Networks, Inc.
  • The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • The Pittsburgh Press and Post-Gazette
  • The South Hills Record
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  • WZUM-Radio
  • You-TV Cable Network

Who Am I

I am a Pittsburgher through and through, a lifer. While I've traveled the world, the furthest I've lived from the city is Glenshaw. The house in which I lived there was the "Thomas Shaw House," designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the second oldest house in Glenshaw, built by the son of the founder of Glenshaw.

I am a passionate animal lover, especially for dogs. I've had many dogs all my life - many breeds, mostly mutts. I currently own a pit bull named Ella Doe who was an obvious bait dog in a fighting ring. After rehabilitation, we are still cautious around other animals, but she loves people, even tiny kiddos!! I found her a block from my home when she was about one and a half. She is now about eight.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications from Point Park College and a Master's degree in Corporate Communication from Duquesne University.   My son, Alex Byers, is a local businessman, fantastic musician and avid hockey player.