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At Suzi Neft Promotes your project is our priority.  Our team handles projects within three main categories:

Messaging your story:

We work with you identify and shape your best story, and create a striking message that pulls in your audience and keeps them wanting more.  We frame that story through absorbing eye-catching words and visuals creating the buzz your audience will retain.

We Create Your Story Providing:

  • Messaging – We take your story and make it into a message people want to hear
  • Strategy – We plan and channel your story, delivering it to the those who need to hear it and will take it in
  • Creativity – Count on us to find eye-catching words and visuals to create your buzz

Getting your story out: 

We create the strategy for clear, targeted placement of your story in media and other outlets reaching the right people at the right time.   We know how often to get your word out, check on it constantly and build a relationship between you and your promotions partners.  We deliver, driving your message to your correct audience.  Our goal is to bring your audience on board with you.  Our customer service is to constantly track your promotions progress.  And, because we believe in the importance of your customer service, we make sure your staff is on board, too.


We Specialize in Getting the Word Out using various tools of the trade.  Here are a few:

  • Media Relations – Your story can be pitched through a variety of avenues -- consumer and tradepublications, radio, television and other media, both locally and nationally  
  • Media Training – Whether you have been in front of a microphone, camera or not, we can prepare you to field questions, rid you of worries and help you work with an interviewer
  • Corporate Communications – Let’s make sure your employees understand the project as well as you do so they can answer questions and be your ambassadors
  • Project Management – It is critical to us to be accountable to our clients and their project, we pay close attention to detail
    • Coordinate Volunteers – If you need volunteers to complete your project, we help you find them
    • Production Supervision – We supervise all written, printed, videoed, artwork, webinars and more.

Crisis Planning

Communication Planning:

 A sudden incident with either product or personnel may damage your public image.  What is most important is to plan for such a dilemma in advance locking the plan into place.  The plan needs to include who speaks first and to whom internally and externally, what happened, what will be done immediately and what will be done in the future.   We will work with you to build a pre-planned strategy to lessen your stress.

Communication Management:

 Crisis Communications includes damage control – Avoiding crisis is best, but if it’s unavoidable, we can also come into your facility and help you handle it.  We do everything from teaching your staff to handle the incident to coming into your facility to handle it for you.

Every idea is discussed and thought through thoroughly…