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Media Training:

  • Your boss says a local TV station is coming to the office today to talk with you about your project and how it benefits the marketplace.
  • The building across the street explodes and the media comes to your doorstep asking what happened.
  • One of your stores is robbed and a newspaper reporter and a TV reporter show up asking you what happened.

Your mind goes blank, your throat gets dry, your hands get clammy and your knees begin to knock.  You think, "What if the wrong thing tumbles out of my mouth.  How do I look today.  I didn't wear a suit!"

Partaking in the news process can be frightening or refreshing or both.  We will teach you how to calm your nerves and help you with what to say, how to say it, how to present yourself in front of a camera, when to say, "Yes" and when to say "No."

But it doesn't end there...

The media can give you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your expertise to your community.  Our media training will help you put your best face and foot forward, enhancing your reputation and that of your company or organization.   Nuances, such as facial expressions, how to sit, how to stand, and the tone of your voice say a lot.  In our training, we address those concerns and prepare you to show your authority. We help you expertly handle questions.  Whether you're discussing good or bad news, the more you know about what to say, how to say it, and in the new comfort level you attain through our trainings, the better your result will be. 


All of our seminars are designed to be intimate and hands-on.  For that reason, we limit each seminar to no more than 12 people per session.  Below is a list of the types of seminars we offer:


Private media training

This training is usually held for the heads of companies or organizations, those in the field who are not used to media discussions.  Often one-on-one training provides a higher level of comfort.  We will train you to talk with the media while organizing your thoughts on the fly and keeping intellectual property under wraps.  You will leave this meeting with an action-oriented workbook for your later referral and a confidence before your next meeting with the media.

Workshop for Service Professionals

You are the authority for your company or organization and it's important not to be misinterpreted.  You need to be accurate, succinct and truthful, yet speak in language that the public can understand.  And you need to know how to handle what you can't freely share.  In this workshop, we will teach you how to do all these things, how to build a working relationship with the media and the language to use while speaking with them.  You will learn when to call them and what to do when they call you.   When the workshop is completed, you will take with you an action-oriented workbook that will serve as a basis for handling all future encounters.

Workshop for Nonprofits

Nonprofits with a solid understanding of the media and how it can work for them will find a strategic advantage over other nonprofits in the area.   With little expendable income, keeping your message in front of the media is imperative to acquire donations and grants, growing attendees to your events and creating and strengthening government relations.  In this seminar you will learn how to handle both joyous and unpleasant situations with grace, and garner ideas for how media can help you.  You will take back an action-oriented workbook and the knowledge to make a positive, lasting relationship with the media.

Workshop for Small Businesses

You are a small business owner who knows that having access to the media is a wonderful opportunity to increase your visibility in the marketplace.  In this workshop, you will learn to convey the right message succinctly, and how to put it in front of the right people, which media to seek out, as well as how to handle those situations when the media shows up unexpectedly.  You will go away with an action-oriented workbook and the knowledge of how to show your confidence and enthusiasm through the media.

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