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Face it, you have a story to tell and you want to tell it to a lot of people.  That’s why you contacted us.  There’s a reason you want to get this story out to your public and we need to learn about it.

Through 20 years in radio and television and ten years in public relations, we’ve learned that the best way to tell a story is to learn the story, immerse ourselves in it, interview all who are involved and keep on asking questions until we know the story as well as you do.  Then we take that story and mold a message out of it. 


No, we do not procrastinate.  We learned a long time ago that putting off anything makes you miss opportunities.


We are a calm crew.  Getting rattled is for those who have snakes or tiny babies.  We don’t have snakes or tiny babies and we are rarely rattled by anyone.

Able to look at projects from both sides:

Clients and agencies both want a successful project, but they come from different points of view.  Agencies want communicated to them accurate direction so they can produce the client’s vision.  Agencies need to forsee possible problems as the project progresses and determine contingencies that then are communicated to the clients, in advance, that might include production and cost changes.  Clients need to communicate what the budget can afford, the plan to follow and the deadlines for the completed project.  Clients want creative strategies and ideas from agencies.  Where snags occur is where something changes and each does not communicate that snag clearly to the other.  Flexibility is key to keep control of the project.  If something’s not working or even if it is working, discuss your tweaking ideas and keep the parameters clear to both client and agent.  It only makes the project better. 

We invite edits:

No matter what, no matter how much we learn from you before we start, there may be political nuances or contractual details that only you can know.  You are still the expert and we are still the communicator.  We welcome edits.

About Suzi Neft:

Suzi comes to media relations with a unique perspective.  She moved from the radio and television world into media relations by accident.  The media director at a local PBS station didn’t have the time to write a national newspaper ad for a TV program Suzi was producing, so Suzi picked it up.  The client loved the ad and credited Suzi for the significant increase in viewership and response.

Suzi caught the bug. From that experience, Suzi learned that just creating a great product wasn’t enough.  Without the promotion that product would end up just sitting on the shelf.  Great Product plus Great Promotion equals Success!  In that “ah-ha” moment Suzi Neft Promotes was born.

Over the course of her career, Suzi has worked with many clients, such as the Jewish Association on Aging, Pittsburgh City Council, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, HGTV, ESPN, PBS and many corporate clients.

Suzi is a native Pittsburgher.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Corporate Communications at Duquesne University where her son, Alex, is an undergraduate Music Technology / Jazz Guitar major (a mother-son duo).


  • 1991 Emmy (Mid Atlantic Regional), Associate Producer, Best Live Show for WQED-TV and the Pennsylvania Public Television Network, “PA 2000: The People’s Agenda.”
  • 1994 First Place, Matrix Award, Women in Communications, Inc., Producer / Editor, Best Commercial titled “Generations” for The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh.
  • 1995 First Place, Matrix Award, Women in Communications, Inc., Writer / Floor Manager, Special Events Promotion, Budget under $20,000, for the “1994 Golden Quill Awards.” 
  • 1996 First Place, Matrix Award, Women in Communications, Inc., Writer / Editor / Producer of Programing during event, Special Events, Budget under $20,000, “Prime Time: A Tribute to Jack C. Robinette" for the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania.  
  • 2001 - 2004 Who’s Who in America and the World.
  • 2000 - 2004 Who’s Who Among American Women.